Tattoo Removal Techniques

Tattoo Removal Techniques.

Tattooing is the permanent application of ink and other pigments in the skin with the use of sharp instruments. It had found use in rituals and cosmetic purposes during the Neolithic era. Tattoo has been used as an identity for criminals, to invoke mystical powers and recently, to design a skin that has colorful designs.

As time goes by, Tattooing became a major trend in the fashion industry. Study finds that 18 percent of people ages 18 to 50 and 36 percent of people ages 18 to 29 have tattoos. Tattoo really looks good the skin especially if it is new but as time goes by, these tattoos are not as cool as it once were.

Tattooing has been present for many years now and is also present from the advent of tattooing. Removing tattoo is really hard since it is permanently place in the skin. A lot of people go to great lengths to remove their tattoo. Most of them remove it because of certain reasons like social, physical and cultural reasons.

There are different techniques in removing tattoo in the body/ Most of these techniques include painful and scarring procedures like sanding, burning and cutting the skin. However, these kinds of techniques are instant. It means that once the surgery is done, the tattoo will be gone forever. It may be painful but the results are instant. varies depending on which treatment you chose to go for.

There are different ways to remove tattoo in the body. Here are some of them.

First is tattoo removal cream. Of all the techniques to remove tattoo, it is the safest and painless way. By repeatedly putting the cream in the tattoo every day, it will break down the ink. However, removal creams are not instant. It will take time before the tattoo will be removed.

Second is through Dermabrasion. It is a technique where a hand-scrapping tool is used to sand away the tattoo in the skin. It is used in the surface and middle layer of the skin. Old tattoo and pigment that is placed in the subcutaneous fat cannot be removed by this kind of technique.

Third is Salibration. This technique uses salt as a way to remove the tattoo. It is the oldest way to remove tattoo in the body. The salt will be rubbed in the part where the tattoo is located after the injection of a local anesthetic.

Fourth is Laser treatment. This technique uses CO2 laser beam to vaporize the ink in the skin and remove the tattoo. Laser treatment is developed in the mid 1980. It is also considered as the easiest and most effective way to remove tattoo than the other techniques.

Tattoo looks good in the body but people must be aware that tattoo cannot be removed easily. Information supplied by